The most defining traits about us are the ones that carry through from childhood and become reocurring themes in adulthood. For me, the connecting thread of my life has been a love for play and interactivity. Technology’s constant companionship provides the canvas on which I form my understanding myself and the world. Professionally, I pursue many different lenses of this exact same obsession. From art projects to design to serious research involving affect and digital experiences, I’m only ever racing one beam.
Short Bio
Phoenix Perry is an Adjunct Professor at NYU teaching Gaming, Design and Embodiment at Poly, ITP and Steinhardt. She received a Master in Science from NYU Poly in January 2013 with her thesis work focusing on creating emotion through embodiment. From digital arts curator to Creative Director, she has extensive experience in new media, design, and user interfaces. Perry’s creative work spans a large range of disciplines including drawing, generative art, video, games, interfaces and sound. Her projects have been seen worldwide at venues and festivals including Come out and Play, Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science, Lincoln Center, LMCC, Transmediale, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, LAMCA, Harvest Works, Babycastles, World Science Fair, European Media Arts Festival, GenArt, Seoul Film Festival and Harvestworks. In 2011 she co-authored the book, Meet the Kinect with Sean Kean and Johnathan Hall.