Welcome to the world's most unimpressive website!

(Please, forgive this - I'm in the process of making something much better but the deadline is now so... ugly it is! I'm working towards a video and more PR materials, I'm just extremely time poor. I promise some of the Indiecade UK judges played this at Somerset House. If you can assign someon to jury this who has seen it in person, I'd be oh so thankful.)

Bot Party in an interactive sound experience for humans. The bots have a problem. They have no way to communicate with their friends. Can you help? They need you to touch another human holding a bot. Through you the bots use the proprietary bot to skin to skin to bot communication protocol (BSSB) to send encoded secret messages to each other. Hold hands with other players to get the bot sound spectacular started!

Here are the links I have for my project thus far:

Watch this video!

Video explaing the concepts behind the game

Here are some photos of the bots in process, in evolution and on show at Somerset House! I haven't gotten to a trailer yet or made anything too fancy. However, that is forthcoming.